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Richard Bedford Bennett, Viscount, businessman, lawyer, politician, prime minister (b at Hopewell Hill, NB 3 July 1870; d at Mickleham, Eng 26 June 1947). By 1933, the nadir of the Depression, R.B. Bennett seemed indecisive and ineffective. He became the butt of endless jokes. Richard Bedford
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It’s hard to imagine a man more miscast for his moment than Richard Bedford Bennett. An out-of-touch millionaire charged with running Canada during the Great Depression, his government was a caricature of the wealthy ruling class at a time when the wealthy ruling class wasn’t exactly held in high regard.
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R.B. (Richard Bedford) Bennett is the only Dal graduate, to date, to have the fortune of serving as prime minister of Canada. Unfortunately, he did so in the midst of the Great Depression.
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It's time to change that. R.B. Bennett's idea of what's important in a democracy deserves to be remembered. Our leading figures of the past were first and foremost great Canadians, not great ...
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Biography – BENNETT, RICHARD BEDFORD, 1st Viscount BENNETT ...

Canada’s prime ministers, Macdonald to Trudeau: portraits from the Dictionary of Canadian biography, under the dir. of Ramsay Cook and Réal Bélanger (Toronto, 2007); P. B. Waite, In search of R. B. Bennett (Montreal and Kingston, 2012).
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Inventory of the archival records of R.B. Bennett, lawyer in Calgary, Alberta, and later Conservative Prime Minister of Canada.
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Richard Bedford Bennett - Canada's 11th Prime Minister ...

I propose that any government of which I am the head will at the first session of Parliament initiate whatever action is necessary to that end, or perish in the attempt.
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Richard (R.B.) Bennett was a tough-talking millionaire whom Canadians turned to as a beacon of hope during the first years of the Great Depression. He soon became the focus of a nation's anger as ...
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R. B. Bennettt. Born at Hopewell Hill, New Brunswick, Richard Bedford Bennett (1870–1947) was a teacher, lawyer, businessman and politician. He began his political career in 1898 when he was elected as a Conservative to the Legislative Assembly of the North-West Territories and in 1911 he entered federal politics as the Member of Parliament ...
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